Home News ‘Macron’s proper, Boris Johnson’s a clown and UK has been in pantomime season since 2019’ – Keir Mudie

‘Macron’s proper, Boris Johnson’s a clown and UK has been in pantomime season since 2019’ – Keir Mudie

‘Macron’s proper, Boris Johnson’s a clown and UK has been in pantomime season since 2019’ – Keir Mudie

French President Macron was spot on about Boris Johnson being ‘un clown’ and ‘un knucklehead’ – however the Prime Minister’s pantomime act is simply not humorous anymore

Macron’s right and Boris isn’t funny any more
Macron’s proper and Boris isn’t humorous any extra

Some of the extra common ­suggestions to this column – and it’s all welcome by the way in which – ­includes telling me in no ­unsure phrases to cease occurring about Boris Johnson.

Sometimes it’s put much more bluntly, utilizing phrases unimaginable to repeat in a household newspaper.

It’s tough although. This is, ostensibly, a politics column and the bloke is – by some means – the Prime Minister. He’s additionally, sadly, field workplace and exhausting to disregard.

He’s even, in the mean time, dominating the discourse throughout the Channel, so let me have yet one more go after which I’ll cease for a bit, I swear.

They have nice politics programmes in France, not like ours. I don’t learn about you, however I discover Question Time very tough in the mean time, only a kind of assortment of soundbites interspersed with some barmy questioning.

Having mentioned that, I’m dropping my endurance a bit with TV usually, which – I don’t know if I’m getting previous or what – is more and more irritating.

Gurning Boris by no means fails to draw consideration


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If you watch MasterChef, for ­instance, and have a shot of tequila each time somebody says “plate of food” you may be hammered within the time it takes to make a Pot Noodle.

See additionally, Premier League soccer commentary. Everything is “delicious” based on the commentators – a scrumptious cross, a scrumptious end, even – and I swear I heard this the opposite day – a scrumptious deal with. I imply, come on.

Anyways, this French politics present was completely different. There was a heavyweight dialogue over worsening relations between the 2 international locations over the refugee disaster.

Mr Johnson, naturally, got here up within the dialog and was described by the journalist and biographer Marion van Renterghem within the following phrases: “Boris Johnson, it’s not just me saying it, is someone who lies all the time. Lying is for him, like Brexit, something ontological, essential, existential.

“So Boris Johnson can’t be talked to and it’s not just Emmanuel Macron who says so. He is someone who has no word, no morals, and with whom it is extremely difficult to establish a link. I think that as long as these two men are in power, there will be no resolution to the Franco-British crisis.”

I agree with all that – even ontological, which is a phrase I don’t know.

President Macron himself summed up the French angle to Mr Johnson as experiences surfaced this week that he had privately informed ses amis that the PM is “un clown” and “un knucklehead”.

My French peaked at GCSE however I consider “un clown” means “a clown” and “knucklehead” doesn’t want Google Translate both. Anyway, the Tories leapt, as one would anticipate, to the defence of Mr Johnson.

Business minister George Freeman laid into Mr Macron’s remarks, saying: “It is a pretty unhelpful word.

“Of course, the Prime Minister isn’t a clown…”

I took the telling subtext there to be that he ignored “knucklehead” however possibly it was simply an oversight.

Mr Freeman added: “I think we are into pantomime season, aren’t we?”

Yes, George. We have been in pantomime season since July 24, 2019. It’s not humorous any extra.

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