Dad claims he’ll battle to feed children if he has to pay £16.50 bridge toll nice

John, an unemployed dad-of-three claims he did not pay the £1.50 toll for the Humber Bridge as a result of site visitors was backed up and alleges he was unable to pay the price on-line

A man has been hit by a £16.50 fine after claiming he couldn't pay for Humber Bridge toll
A person has been hit by a £16.50 nice after claiming he could not pay for Humber Bridge toll

An unemployed dad has mentioned he can’t feed his kids if he’s pressured to pay a £16.50 nice for crossing the Humber Bridge with out paying the toll.

“John” informed how his precedence is to his children and has contested the nice after not paying the £1.50 toll as a result of he claimed he was unable to take action on-line.

He crossed the Humber Bridge to get dwelling to Laceby on October 29, at 2.24pm, and mentioned he prevented the toll cubicles due to backed up site visitors following an incident, reported GrimsbyLive.

Instead, he went via the center lane on the bridge, utilized by HumberTAG clients – a web-based technique the place you pay routinely.

John claims he later checked on-line on pay when not registered with the Tag service and mentioned he couldn’t discover his car on the system.

The dad claims he might be unable to feed his children if he pays the nice (inventory picture)



He is offended that he’s now being requested to pay for the nice for one thing that he claims wasn’t his fault and mentioned his provide of paying £3 to the Humber Bridge Board has additionally been rejected.

John, dad of three children all underneath 10, is at present unemployed and was crossing the bridge for a job interview in Hull.

“I was heading back home over the Humber Bridge when I saw a lot of traffic at the toll booth,” he mentioned.

“It looked like there was an accident going back for miles and I didn’t want to wait in it. So I just thought I’d go through the Tag system as I’d never done it before.

“There had been no indicators or something a few nice so I simply went for it. I checked on the Humber Bridge web site and positioned my particulars in there however I couldn’t discover a cost for my car.”

Then two weeks ago he received the £16.50 fine for not paying the toll charge.

He told Grimsby Live: “I’ve been unemployed for over a month which hasn’t been straightforward. It’s been onerous on everybody and cash is tight. Every single penny issues.

“I have really bad web connections at home so I couldn’t check again whether the charge had eventually gone up.

“When I noticed the letter, I received in contact with the Humber Bridge Board and informed them I could not pay the £16.50 nice as a result of I’ve to feed my kids. I’m on the Dole.

“Instead, I told them I could pay £3 – double the toll charge to pass.”

But that provide was rejected by the Humber Bridge Board in an e-mail.

He mentioned: “They could have sent me a polite letter as a reminder to pay the £1.50. Instead, they’re just telling me to pay the £16.50 which I can’t pay. The process is ridiculous.

“I’d somewhat feed my children any day of the week.”

The Humber Bridge Board say they must be honest on all drivers and the nice is customary process for individuals who fail to pay inside the set timeframe.

A spokesperson for the Humber Bridge reportedly mentioned: “He crossed the Humber Bridge and unfortunately, he wasn’t able to pay the toll within the stipulated time frame.

“As a result, he was issued with a standard administration fee of £15 that we charge when recovering a debt.

“Whereas we do have sympathy for his situation, we don’t feel it is fair to the other drivers who have paid the administration fee in the past to make an exception in this case.”

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